Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Many Hats

I am often amazed at all the different roles that an innkeeper and subsequent owner of a 100 year old house has to accomplish and take on. Oh sure it would be easy to hire out this and that, but if you can figure out how to do it yourself and have the tools, then why not. Some tasks do however require a professional and or licensed contractor but you know that it is at least $100 or more just to see the truck in the driveway and you haven't even opened the door for them yet.

Anyhow I thought I would list the things that I have done over the years and at the bottom add the task that prompted me to think about this in the first place.
As an innkeeper I have been a: Cook and baker, caterer, server, bartender, wedding planner, dishwasher, kitchen cleaner, concierge, tour guide planner, reservation agent, reservation maker, marketing manager, website updater, seamstress, accountant and bookkeeper (side: I was a CPA before working in Corporate Accounting for Musak), maid, laundry clerk, shopper, furniture and lamp repairer, message taker and best of all greeter to all the wonderful guests that we have had from all over the world.

As the owner of a 100 year old house I have been a: painter, flooring installer, electrician(minor), plumber, phone technician, landscaper, yard maintenance and gardener, window washer, carpenter, wall paperer, cabinet installer, arborist, street sweeper and last but not least a street maintenance technician (aka pothole filler). So the other week there were three guys replacing my gas line to the Carriage House. Anyhow, they dug a hole in the street, shoved a new piece of plastic pipe though the old line and connected to a new meter that I got them to move about 12 feet. (I gave them a muffin, soda and tour of the house.) They we very nice. So they refilled the hole and put a temporary asphalt patch and left to go do another one on another block. Odd thing is they are doing them random and different crews have been back on the block three times to replace another one. You would think they would just go down the block and replace them all if they are going to end up doing it anyway. So I went around the corner and notice they left their trailer for the backhoe that had a backhoe bucket of asphalt in a tray. So I think to myself, I have a bucket, they left the shovel and they won't miss a few buckets of the stuff. So I proceed to fill in the seven or eight small potholes in front of the house as they are annoying when trucks go by, it bounces their load. Even though it is a quiet street, people on the street must do a lot of online shopping. I am there tamping it down with the shovel and my neighbor walks by with her dog and asks what am I doing? I tell her that I am filling in the potholes, as it is not as if the city will get around to doing it anytime soon if you have been on some of the arterials lately, we are a bit down the list. She just laughs and calls me crazy. My partner gets home and asks what I did this afternoon and he does the same. I remind him, he is the one always bitching about potholes. I will try and locate our camera and take a picture of one and post it.
I am sure I will think of other roles that I have done over the course of 16 plus years here at the Bacon Mansion. I mention these to people who ask what it takes to be an innkeeper, and I tell them it is not a retirement.
Cheers for now.


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