Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving at the the Bacon Mansion

Well it is that time of year with the start of the holiday season. It actually started for us last Saturday the 21rst of November with the Friends Thanksgiving hosted this year hear at the Bacon Mansion. We had 26 for dinner and fun, all sitting in the dining room. We had 14 at the big table which we moved to one side of the dining room and had 12 next to it at the folding tables. The table was set with some of my new purchases from Bali, including the table runners, napkin rings, salt and pepper cellars with tiny spoons and the party gift for guests of two little soaps and bamboo soap tray. Todd and I did the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. Guests brought, wine, vodka, gin, port, fruit salad, cranberry jello salad, three different brussell sprout dishes, pumpkin and pecan pies, green bean casserole, squash soup, and other various appetizers. We had way more food that we needed or could consume. I stuffed one 15 pound turkey and brined and roasted unstuffed and 15 and 11 pound bird. They were all moist and great and carved perfectly by one of your friends Arnie. Everyone was lots of help and had some heartfelt things to be thankful for over our toasts. We even had a new addition to the Seattle family of friends attend, 8 week old Christiana who is actually the star of the party many of us will attend tomorrow for her Christining.
Found out that pictures were posted on Facebook before the evening was over by Diana.
What would Thanksgiving be without the National Dog Show on TV. Not really a dog person and always wonder how the judges make their choice.
Having 12, including us for dinner tonight. We only have to do the turkey for this one and should be a breeze compared to the 26 the other night. The house is about half full and will fill up for the weekend. Not sure if any of the guests are coming to run the Seattle Marathon on Sunday.
I will post more later on my trip to Bali and the impressions that I had.
Hope to get the tree up next week with Jaime's help. Glad I switched to the pre-lite tree in a box a few years back. Don't have to have the worries of the fresh tree drying out and it is actually quite hard to tell the difference until you closely inspect the tree.


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