Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bacon Mansion Tree Pruning and More

Today at the Bacon Mansion and for that manner the Belmont Mansion across the street it is major tree pruning day. The guys from are here and high in the big old broadleaf maples across the street and our smaller parking strip maples and lindens. I decided it was time to get them professionally pruned and more important the maples out of the power lines before city light came by and hacked at them and billed me even more.
Since I manage the condo building across Broadway, I was able to coordinate it to have both properties done at the same time.
Also, had them take out a messy old tree and the holly tree on the south part of the Bacon Mansion by the carriage house. No more holly berries to track into the Carriage Suite of your shoes. We are potentially anticipating a joint partnership with my neighbor, to replace the sewer line to the street down my side of the fence as it is wider and mostly dirt already. His line is blocked badly, I saw the video. I would then be able to connect the carriage house sewer and drains from the patio to the new line and will not have to deal with it backing up once or twice a year. Will let anyone who reads the blog know the progress of the project. Will not affect the main house in any way and really only effect Carriage Suite briefly for about a week or so hopefully.
Nice enough here that Jaime and I are even going to head out and prune the hedges and arbor-vite as we finally caught up with the yard waste getting rid of all the leaves from the fall.


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