Thursday, February 18, 2010

A big project nearly done at Bacon Mansion

Well it have been quite a month or 5 weeks really here at the Bacon Mansion. First, my neighbor to the south was having trouble with his side sewer, meaning there was a heavy invasion of roots and probable partial collapse of his pipe from the north side of his house to the street. Having had repeated problems with the line from the Carriage House that ran over to meet the storm drains of the main house then wrap around house to meet the side sewer, I saw an opportunity. We could share the cost and join together and put the line on our side of the concrete fence. We were worried that the fence could collapse in on his hole and his gas line was on top of the sewer line. In addition, he would likely loose a number of trees that are in his yard. We had to take out my holly tree and another ratty tree I never liked and it gives us the opportunity to redo the landscaping over there. Anyhow, the project went smoothly enough, just have to redo the concrete in front of the carriage suite where the pipe went and new drain and on the southeast corner of the property where we had to go back onto my neighbors property to connect to the pipe. So have to rebuild about 6 feet of wall and the corner so I can put the garbage cans back in there.
It went smoothly enough and the price was reasonable, so I decided that maybe I should do the line from the main house, as we couldn't push the camera through the issues that it was having and was likely to back up again as it has in the past. This one would only be about 30 feet. While it unfortunately was under the gas line, so that would have to temporarily be moved out of the way and put back. Not as easy as it sounds as PSE has to contact Pilchuck as they don't do anything out side anymore. Then in the process of digging down to the gas line by hand we came across the fill tube for the old bunker oil tank. Turns out it was full, even up the fill pipe and was sitting right next to and ran south from the sewer pipe. Not a big deal as I knew it had to be taken care of eventually. You see the vent pipe was still there, so I was pretty sure it was also. Budget Tank Removal to the rescue. They pumped it out on Monday and had it out on Tuesday. The top was 8 ft down and the tank was about 4 feet round and 8 feet long. Over 1000 gallons. And no, they did not pay me by the gallon, it was the other way around. It will be recycled though. The best part was that it had not leaked. It was some sort of old converted boiler and we are pretty sure it was placed down there in 1909 and to the best of our knowledge, hasn't been used since some time in the early 60's. Got the gas line moved finally and hole dug for the remaining sewer on Thursday night. Had the backhoe protect the over 12 foot hole and piles of dirt in both directions on the driveway. Finally got the line in on late Friday after struggling with the shoring and back filled. Unfortunately, that was a furlough day for the city and Monday was a holiday and did not want to leave that hole and pile of dirt when I was going to be full on Saturday and nearly full on Sunday. So we took lots of pictures and I witnessed the pressure and slope test. Inspector was very nice and understandable and I just had to get a form signed and notarized for them, along with the pictures.
Now the only thing we have to wait for is for the hole to settle before we can relay the concrete. Will do all of it at once. We put gravel over the dirt so it isn't muddy.
The only thing left is to replace the gas line from the meter into the house as it wasn't installed correctly with a sleeve to prevent pipe from rusting. Just a few feet of pipe so, hopefully not another big bill.
It is always something on a 100 year old house. I tell everyone, I am doing my part to stimulate the economy, unfortunately it is coming from savings. That's the way it goes though, and we move one.
On a side note, John from Budget Tank Removal, when I told him I grew up in Spokane, asked me if I knew of Seven Bays on Lake Roosevelt. While actually, I said, I grew up there as my grandfather Win Self created Seven Bays and my father took over when he passed and had sold off almost all of the remaining land. He had actually been in his living room discussing lots that were still for sale. Small world it is.


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